Burn baby burn

On the path to destruction 

And I’m tearing down escapes along the way. 

Your heart and soul that once saved me. 

Can’t seem to reach me in my despair. 

Chains and shackles,

This twisty , screwed up world. 

My sanity torn in shreds…

Once you had tried to mend

Gone up in flames. 

Lana ‘s singing softly

West coast swinging in my mind. 

I wanna find the nearest exit 

But I’m so lost in my mind. 

You once gave me release but now you are no longer mine. 

I’m burning all my bridges 

Leaving what I want behind

Tearing up inside me

Stuffing things down I may or may not want.  

Holding myself steady because

No one would do it for me

Falling down the abyss 

So delicately…
Imagine via http://www.freegreatpicture.com/other/burning-hands-9635


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