Poured out

 I remember telling you 

how I would love to hold you in the rain. 

Let the raindrops pour over us 

Like stardust and liquid gold. 

I would cling on to you for warmth and feel you crush me in that embrace. 

Time was never on our side 

And even if it was we knew it would end sooner or later 

As the weather changed. 

Hearts changed. 

Still, I hope the rain reminds you of me and us. 

Walking silently across that street 

And into each other’s lives 

For that moment 

In that moment I was happy and no matter what you said you were too. 

Still long for that embrace 

And the rain

That is the constant thing that remains the same …

Image via http://www.kichumichu.com/pictures/rainy-day-beautiful-rain-falling-wallpaper/


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