Free spirited and true. 

I like running my hand down the spine of a leave. 
I’ll stare at the clouds for hours
And count the stars as they whisper to me at night. 
I won’t let you rein me. 
Legions have tried 
but only one is my Lord. 
They say you can break the spine but never the spirt 
So am I barefooted and fancy free. 
I swim in the oceans and walk by the shores
Listening to the waves as they tell of there tales and secrets 
The meadow is my bed
And the flowers and moss gather around to listen to Ng stories. 
So much to tell
So much to learn 
As the heartaches disappears 
and black clocked in the night 
I slip away 
Fade into a whisper
And wander 
Yonder yet again. 


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