She wanted to fade into his shadows. 

She wanted to walk in his shoes.  
All she thought of was about him. 
All she wanted was to be a part. 
She knows she’s just such a great fool. 
A jester for his amusement 
He had all that life could offer for his youth
And she was just a 2nd hand user. 
She would have given him rainbows and butterflies. 
All the world she had she would.  
He just wanted something different 
And could no long have the time or strength to cruise.
What did he really wanted from her
When he took the time to care?
A piece of her fragment in a shattered glass perhaps 
To collect upon with his sliver ware.

Did he even truly care? 

 Image via http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/10300349/Nearly-a-quarter-of-men-in-some-Asian-countries-admit-to-rape-study-finds.html


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