End of silence 

Oh yeah you could hurt me

Break me
Be careless with your silent. 
You could love me 
Bend me 
Leave me then take me again
And I’m resilient 
People tell me so all the time. 
I let you rip me
Tear me 
Break me down. 
So I can reinvent my soul. 
So don’t tell me
How I’m pretty
And sweet and special. 
How you need me if I should turn and run. 
Get off this masquerade. 
Train wreak. 
Yeah I am leaving 
No taunting 
No baggage and your pleading
Enough of your
Hitting, screaming, yelling
At peace with silence 
Yeah that’s the


Imagine via http://abduzeedo.com/most-creative-ads-series-domestic-abuse


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