Goodbye Sir

We can say goodbye easily. 

Sometimes we say it with tears. 
We can whisper it gently
Or shout it out for someone so dear. 
Do not know exactly how he was…
Some were curious,
Others feared. 
For me a strong minded visionary. 
To a simple person like me 
A man whom I endeared. 
Though God is my supreme maker,
Sometimes we forget tend to forget. 
One must be grateful and thankful,
For founding father
And a loving husband who cared. 
So as I say my goodbyes 
And my thoughts drift to those who have passed….
I thank the Lord for a man who loved my country
And that because he had lived;
My past was stable,
My present is remarkable
And my children’s future certain to flourish. 
Thank you Mr Lee Kwan Yew. 
My thoughts are with you and your family. 


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