Rainbows and such. 

My friend once told me it’s time to get those curls out from the clouds. Eventually we all grow up. 

I never wanna grow up 

If it meant :
no longer chasing rainbows;
Conforming to a certain life that society things;
Raising children according to a textbook;
Falling in love without excitement. 
BE in love to create excitement. 
Raising children from mistakes turned gold.
Loving life and living one that’s worthy. 
Sliding on rainbows. 
Grown up 
And growing up to embrace it’s wisdom and beauty. 
Curls can turn blond. 
And clouds disperse the sun. 
And what my friend had told me 
had come to pass and I’m all grown up. 
Yet I’m none the wiser but still as fun. 

Image via http://my10online.com/2011/11/rainbows/rainbows/


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