I’m small

I’m small. 

Insignificant even. 

You made me huge once. 

Tall as an oak tree reaching to the skies. 

I leaned onto you,

My vines clung to each bark

And my grip tightens

Cause I’m tiny 

And your trunk is wide and full of abundance. 

Your leaves they spread and out palmed up to the sun. 

Mine are like little showers that sparkle in the afternoon light. 

I drink from the waters that flow from your leaves to mine as it rains. 

I let the water run through me

Soak me

And you let me. 

Cause you are huge and you made me safe. 

And I was small and yours 

Still yours once.

Image via http://marciabaldwin.artspan.com/large-multi-view/LANDSCAPE/45492-47-95/Painting.html#.VPna9obXfCQ


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