Tears, Why are you cold?

Why do you come freely,
Without reprieve or reason?
Tears why does misery follow you like a shadow?
Why does music seem to make you leave a trail of words that bring such sweet sorrow. 
Tears, like a silent lover
Stroking the side of my face,
Your tenderness such a double edged sword. 
Tears that cut and whisper of love.
You taste so salty
You make me feel full and yet
You make me feel empty and hollow.
Tears that accompany me though I need not her company. 
Drown in her whispers that follow
Down the narrow path to the basement of regrets and no tomorrow. 
Leave me there tears
I want not your love or promises 
I can’t want or bear
Yet again there you are clinging on 
Flicking fingers can’t make you leave 
Maybe tomorrow they would. 

Image via https://yzhengblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/31/tears/


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