Hello you.


Cause you taste so decadent,
Like chocolate dripping from my lips.
Cause in your eyes I lose myself,
I’m set free.
I need to be focus
But you are a distraction that I’ll gladly discover over
And We’re free to be
whatever we wanna be.

Cause your hair is soft like a midsummer’s breeze.
It smells of Daisies and all things delicate and sweet.

Cause your sigh and your kisses they sweep me off my feet.
You’re the kind of lover I want to keep.
And you’re gentle when it’s time
And strong when need be.
You press all the right buttons
And know I’m a complexed one to reign in.
You see that I need my space and know when I want you near
It just makes me love you more
Cause I get lost in your sweetness
Over and over.
Lover come over here.

Image via http://digitalintelligencetoday.com/kiss-a-customer-the-science-of-kissing-and-digital-marketing/


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