She’s a beauty

She’s A Beauty

She rises,
The sun peaks through the skies.
She puts on her face.
Her courage.
Her grace.
Says her prayers.
She gets to making the hours and the day stretch.
Takes cares of herself and her family.

She finds time to create.
To love.
To grow.
She stretches out the wrinkles.
Loves her marks.

She is a lioness.
A panther.
A graceful bird of paradise.
She whips magic from the air.
Downs cups of Java,
Or chai.
She takes in the air,
The sun,
The leaves that rustle.

And when the sun kisses the ends of the last glimpse of the day.
She’s there.
She’s grateful.
Thankful for it all.
She’s timeless
And a beauty thru and thru.
She’s you.


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