Her little one

Her little one

He was bought and programmed to make her happy.
He brought her little delights and made her smile with his child like company.

She adored him and
He as well, I her.
He knew she was so much more than a maker.

Without even realizing
he could twig and twist the knots and pain that she had allowed to barricade her heart.

Without asking,
he knew her deepest desires.
Her fantasies.
Her secrets.

She wanted only him.

He wanted more.

For his kind was programmed in pairs
And he had his all from the start.
She had chosen to over look that part of the clause**

he need to be his his pair once in a while as he was made like that and she had to have known.

And how she adored her little one so.
And how she knew at times she had to let him go.

So she did
Diving fervently
into what she knew best
The thing that comforted her while he was gone for that while…


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