Digging Graves

Hey.. So I’ve hit the last nail on our coffin.
Neither of us can take the pain.
It’s the end of all emotions
We just wanna drift off to space.

So… You don’t want to be compromised anymore.
And whatever I say won’t count at all.
I guess the shovel has hit solid ground
And the eulogy spoken to all.

Then… Whatever we had promised had meant nothing?
Perhaps I’ve cut you too deep?
I know my mistakes were so grievous
You found it hard to sleep.

Can’t… We crawl out from under the dirt,
Dust off the mud and pain?
I know you don’t believe my promises
But wouldn’t you wanna end this endless loop that regins?


Image via http://www.kickingdesigns.com/2012/10/grave-stone-10-27-2012/


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