Tears streamed down my face
And you whispered why?
It’s not sadness my love
It’s just I’ll miss you.
I miss you when the gentle breeze touches my skin.
I miss you in a familiar tune
That we might sing.

Tears embrace my cheeks and you wipe them away.
Leave them be
Cause our love is flowing like a river,
Laughable even to think.

Tears are not going to last forever
I pick pieces up all the time
Like the fragments of my crowded mine.
You bring solace
You bring joy
My little ray of sunshine

Tears you kissed and call them sweet
You say I’m perfect
I laugh and tease
You, my dear are perfect to me
My tears your embrace
Send them up to heaven
To another place
I’ll meet you there and together we’ll be…

Image via http://quoteeveryday.com/beautiful-eyes-with-tears-with-quotes/


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