To Infinity & Beyond…

No my darling.
I wouldn’t change a syllable.
A noun nor
The grammar.
I’ll let all the words come undone
To form the perfect
Form of you.

Non my sweet.
I wouldn’t change a single
All that flutters is gold.
Each touch, each glance,
Whether you are a mirage or a figment
I would gather and wanna hold.

Yes my love.
I would want this always
And always want you.
Even if you think you bore
Or we grow cold or old or forlorn
Wither come what may…

Oui, till the end of this galaxy
And beyond the new universe.
Unicorns may rule the earth
And dolphins sing
Our love song
Perhaps then can I wrapped myself
against the force of loving thee
Mysterious, unpredictable
Amazing and carefree…


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