I wanna trace my fingers down your back
Your caramel skin against my pale
I wanna use my tongue in ways I’ve never done before
Write sonnets on your belly.

I wanna sweat with you and drink in each drop
Feel you as you feel me
Touch me in places no one has ever seen
You bring me to another high
I feel like I’m riding on waves
A swell, a bump all moving through me,
Through you.

I wanna let you feel as good as you make me feel.
Hold you in my mouth, my hand, my thoughts.
Crash into me and we can collide
Staring into each other’s eyes
This is intimate and we can’t deny it
An Insatiable appetite that we had to devour.

Do you wanna go on these trips with me?
Come into my world and I will run in yours.
So wanna make you feel as happy as you make me
Ride into oblivion
Embrace in vulnerability
Gazing into the outer sphere
Or just holding hand, resting in a dream~


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