Hey Kid!

You’re just a kid,
But you get me.
I said you are just so chill,
Still you move me.
And our beats mash together,
In a bowl of jelly.
We wobble through it.
Mash right thought it.
Like a tidal wave,
You came and overwhelmed me.
Your flowers in your hair.
They overpowered me.
With your gentleness and grace,
Yes, you killed me.
Thrill me.
And I’m a lost cause in your hands.
And you got me in a trance.
You’re so silly~
And you got me,
In your grand master’s plan.
I can’t write, right it.
Gotta just ride it, take pride in it.
Take it and make it what it seems.
Taken to be set free.
We’re free.
No point faking it.
It’s real. Just go with it.


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