Teach me Lord

Words. words. words.
I got too close to the sun
And it burnt my skin.
I ask God for a reason for this and he refrain.
I wait in the refrain.
My skin perched,
Lips thirst,
Longing for the rain.

Rain. rain. rain.
Pouring your soul down on me.
I’m soaked through and through.
Don’t feel the cold just the wanting you.
My skin wet.
Cold to the core.
Like the way I wanna run away from you,
When I feel you drawing too close too soon.

Embrace. embrace. embrace.
You told me for this season will soon pass.
Just like the rain,
The flowers need
To flourish and sustain.
My skin drank on your love,
AmAzed i am created,
By you
For you.
In your image to grow and learn,
Perfectly wonderfully made.


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