Day 100!!!!

Starting day 100 with a very delectable Thai lunch with wonderful friends. We went to golden mile and had truly authentic Thai food. 20140430-210806.jpg20140430-210823.jpg
Mango salad! One of my favorites. I love the savory sweetness and sour taste. 20140430-210928.jpg
We had seafood Phai Thai , glass noodles with delicious sauce. 20140430-211037.jpg
This dish, roasted pork with spinach was really wonderful. The chilli padi ( small chilli) makes you sweat! But oh was it so good!)

Something sweet to end the meal.
Mango with glutinous rice ( it was green and had pandan flavor and was heavenly~ )


I guess I have found joy and happiness in the simple things in life. I’m grateful for all I have. And thankful that I have lots to be happy about.

May you find your happy:)


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