She floated above me.
Lips almost touching mine.
Eyes the cover of gray skies.
Skin the color of snow.
I laid there frozen not with fear
But in amazement.

Suddenly, we were transported to another realm.
Here in a lush green patch I stood.
The sun shone above me and across from me she stood.
Hair the color of darken night, the sky and ground gray and lifeless beneath her.

She reached to me but could not quite get to me.
I longed to hear what she said.
She couldn’t and I woke up wondering if she was happy or sad?

We met what I was 17 or 18 I training school.
She happened to be in the same class as my boyfriend then.
I remember thinking how wonderfully elegant she looked.
Eyes like a doe.
Soft hair blowing in the wind.
Her smile was sweet as was her name.
I knew she danced and found her interesting.
Of course I was never allowed to speak to her.
He would always give some excuse that his best friend would not be interested to know me or that we wouldn’t get along.
There was a time when she looked at us with such forlorn..I thought she was just waving us good bye as we left on his bike.
I wondered naively, the cause of her sadness could it be mended?

It was a warm afternoon when I found about her death.
Question after question consumed every fiber of my soul.
I hungered to find out why she had done it?
I half admired her. Half felt great sorrow.
If only she had told me she was in love with him.
If only I had plucked my courage to speak to her in the bus that day?
If only….
What could she be like if she were alive now? I do not know…

I just wanted to say… Thank you, for opening my eyes to the beginning of life at a sad cost. I never wanted this for you.
I hope that wherever you and him may be. You both are happy.

That. If we ever meet again, in the future. You could understand that we were both victims of circumstances. And we were foolish and heavy with youth and Adonis. Let us embrace it we meet again. And I shall wipe that tear off your beautiful face.

And she did.
She met me one last time in a dream.
Hand in hand with him. Her face at peace.
A simple smile upon her face.

And that, that was the last me met.

(This was written in 30 mins. I didn’t want to edit the numbers as I wanted to tell the story. It’s a true story and one they I shall hold dear always. )


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