Han’s-mer thee end



“One, 2 plunges and you’ll be free” whispered her siren sisters from the Deep.

She creeps to their boudoir and opens it.

Raven locks intertwined with his gold.
Their bodies bare.
Glistering in the moonlight.
There it is… Her forever after.
His promise of unyielding love.
Yielding to another..

Fools these mortals be.
And foolish of her to want to be like him.

Her heart bled with each step.
His face and ” hers” a mark of contentment.
A stab.
A slap in hers.

She paused to look at him.
Her gaze stroking the outline of his lovely face.
“One plunge and I can be with my sisters. ”

Crimson to dark.
Dark faded to nothing.
Hers,not his nor the other her.
How would she,
Not when in darkness her heart had long gone.

“Such a pity… Such a pity …” Sang her sisters.

She took a step.
Dagger in her wound.
Flying to neither-land.
A song in her heart.
A love forgotten.
A crimson hair girl’s innocence.
Forever buried in the depths of the ocean.
Laying in the bottom for a lover’s return.

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