Day 66 and Day 67

Day 66
Dedicated to a local artist / actress.
She battled cancer and is now cancer free. I have loved ones who battled illnesses and have seen and been with friends who lost loved ones through it.

Every victory is a battle won.

Be well all.


Eating well is living well.

Made apple, potatoes, carrots in chicken broth.

My instant chicken rice that’s really good.


Simply add skinned and cut (apples (2), carrots (3), potatoes (2) ) ingredients into 1 liter if water. Add about 6 red dates too. And wolfberries a teaspoon worth if you like.

Add half a chicken and season after boiling in slow flame for at least 2 hours.




Serve with rice ~ easy peasy ~

Day 67
Dinner with family at the wonderful Ichiban Boshi ~



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