Eyes on you.

Eyes on you.
I’m watched you.
Still nailed there.
I’m frustrated.

Not coming down are you?
Not coming to scorn at me?

Tears. Tears, tearing down my face.
I shout myself hoarse.
Beyond ashamed.
Beyond hate.

Your eyes.
The death of me.
You eyes not a hinge of regret.
Not a hint of hate.
I hated this.
Hated knowing you could see right through me.
I hate to surrender.

No way.

Not even to you.

Yet You came.

Pierced my heart from heavens.
Heaven opened a way.
I wished I could say this was a happy ever after.
But, fingers wrangled sometimes I still feel the pain.

Do you regret it?
Accepting me this way?
All broken.
All dusty.

You don’t say…
You smile.
You embrace.

Yet again.


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