Heaven’s girl

She walked in the darkness
Barefooted and fancy free.
Out her garden into the meadow
Where fireflies meet.

Drank in the moonlight
And soaked in it’s beams.
She hears the crickets as they start to sing.

A voice once forgotten
She took it out to see.
It enchanted the wind and carried it up to the trees.

They felt it was such a magical melody
And carried it to heavens where it greeted me.

Heavens opened and poured on her
Soft and moist and gently.
The rain and tears clung on to her
Her familiar company.

Gently soothing and tugged away.
She got up and starts to leave.

Only to find her soul has fled her body
It is moving up to come to me.

A melody in the night.
A forgotten dream.

We float to heaven together.
In great surrender to be free.


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