Day 41 and Day 42

Day 41, street art moves me even if it’s in the train station.

Bishan station

Good food moves me too!!
Roasted pork and char Siew, sorry it’s so out of focus

Braised Yong Tao fu


Day 42
I realized that it is important to be silly and wacky and just who you are. Growing up my mum would tell me. One day you will be a beautiful swan. There were many times in my life they I felt undeserving and unattractive even though I looked confident to others…. Since I knew God and grown up I know that beauty and selfies are not the most important but it helps me remember I’ve come a long way. And I thank all my love ones for loving me just as I am. No apologies just smiles and kookiness.


Run of that evening




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