For My Valentine

Love. Love can be sweet.
Like honey dripping from the comb. Intoxicating and smooth down the throat.
I could drown in it.
Swim a 100 seconds with each stroke.
Sink to oblivion
Then rise again

It can be the warm morning sun
Creeping up my toes
spreading all around me
Enveloping me
Bringing heat
Tasting like summer
Swimming in the stream

Love stirs like music
The melody like each stroke heavy and deep with tension
Reviving a lost forgotten memory
Adding flavor to each kiss
Each touch

Ah love the poison that seeps into your veins.
Keeps you paralyzed
And a tad insane
Drives you to do the unbelievable
No cure for it’s death lure.
Keeps you breathless
And intoxicated
All at once
Love. 🙂


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