Black Rose Blooming

Black rose blooming

Enthralled rose.
Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix.
Leaving all in the wake of its glory.

Black rose
Darkened in every corner but yet pure and simple in it’s raven amour.

The dew drops and envelopes her thirst.
She drinks it up.
Every moment.
Every second.

Like a phantom from the shadows.
She looms and blooms.
A fearful and beautiful thing.

I love her delicate petals
and how they open and fold.
Soft and dangerous.
A mystery to be turn.

Black rose.

Go bloom on the silent of the night,
But beware the wolves that thirst and tear their throats for you beauty.
And remember that beauty is fleeting.
It flees all too soon.

~ For a friend, a Phoenix~


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