Day 8 – 12

Day 8: Meet up with close friends and met a
Friend’s baby.

Day 9 : Met 2 baby snails, I never knew they grew with their shells. Learning something new makes me happy.

Day 10 : Sometimes you never know where new paths may take you. I took a leap of faith and tried a lovely new path. šŸ™‚

Day 11, taking time to draw and create was really wonderful. I’m not a great artist but I love this series that I would like to do. 20140119-215051.jpg20140119-215100.jpg20140119-215117.jpg
She’s twilight !

Day 12 : Today we gave out oranges and spoke to residents at the block that we have adopted. Smiles, and welcoming neighbours made our day. 20140119-215543.jpg20140119-215551.jpg


We gave ourselves a treat after a long day šŸ™‚


Mini prata with mutton curry. Delectable ~


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