I could write a thousand love songs and not mean a single word.
I could paint the whole world in rainbow colors and paint it without worth.
What more then?
Is it worth then?

Or just write a single sentence and pour in all your love.
For He who’s has brought your wretched soul to life
And given more than you’ll ever know,
Do I know?

Not to run to bang another wall?
Or crawl under the skin of a broken soul.
Can I find my compass again?
Come make me whole.
I’ve been searching for an answer that was lost.
Forgetting the promises that once ignited my dead heart.
Come breathe life into me,
Come once again.

What it means to surrender abundantly?
What it means to love whole heartily?School me.
Drive it in me.
Flood your light right through me.

Give me wings Lord!
Contain, Tame this wild heart of mine.
Once again.
Let it mean something.
Once again
Let it Only beat for you.


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