Club med, Bintan part 1


We always love the beach.

This is my 1st visit to a club med location and I had been so impressed.

From the excellent service from all the friendly staff, to the high energy GOs, the lovely beach and clear waters to the food. I enjoyed every min. I love that we could burst into dance any time or day. A truly fun experience for our church friends and ourselves.

We were blessed to have clear skies almost every day.
The sand is soft and powdery and the water clear and warm.

A time to share and have fun!20131223-204434.jpg20131223-204453.jpg

A list of activities we could participate on daily. I tried the Pilates ( very tough), dance ( super fun), Aqua aerobics (even more fun ) and various stuff through out the day. I especially Love the mass dances between events 😀20131223-204758.jpg

Most days are spend being with the family. Lazing and musing.

We had a lesson and had fun worshiping.
Drinks and music were served by our handsome server and worship leader of the day.

Gary composed that beautiful song.


Lush greenery surrounded the club. 20131223-205443.jpg20131223-205555.jpg


Nights were filled with laughter, songs, dances and random fun!








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