Can I?

Can I?

There is so much I wanted to tell.
Like how big your shoes are that I could never run a mile in them.
I would surely have fallen.

So much to say
That I am paralyzed by fear at both ends
Of wanting and hating.

Too much to do
That I cannot lift a finger
Or speak
Even move.

Perhaps emotions had crept up
Taken over
Shook this body to the bone.
Selfish words had tumbled out
Pass my lips into yours.

How could I say
What I wanted to say without self deprivation
Without self righteousness.
Like you said,
I’m a mess
A puddle drenched in sadness.

So in silence
I converse
I pray
I hope
That your heart is bigger than mine
Bigger than your shoes
Bigger than the both of us.


5 thoughts on “Can I?

  1. When looking at the poetry of others, I usually read through and when its a good poem, there is usually a phrase that grabs me; I love the phrase you used in the second to last stanza “A puddle drenched in sadness”, almost expresses the unexpressable

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