What it could have been.

What it could have been.

It’s cold.

I wrap my shawl close to me.

I look at that older sister holding her mummy’s hand.

Warmth. Love. Something that I used to have.

“Matches. Matches. Would you get a box kind sir. ”

Their pace fasten. A flurry of colors.

Red. Black. White. Green.

Parcels piled up high.

I walk pass a window.

Such a beautiful sight! A fire place.

A warm meal and soft music.

I smile and mused and thought of the warmth of the fire against my cheek….

I must have wandered into an alley.

I’m trying to find a nice place to just rest for a moment. Just a tiny bit.

A strike.

Oh glorious image.

A vision of beauty before my eye.

She walked towards me her little girl in hand.

“Could I buy your matches. Come by our home and sit by our fire. We have plenty and no one should be alone. ”

I nodded my head. Too weary to protest.

I thank the heavens above me.

For today I shall have a warm place to rest….

~Everytime I watch the “little match girl ” I think. If only . If only. As winter approaches show a little kindness to someone in need. If only someone had shown her kindness indeed~


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