I admire my sister.
That she can follow where HE leads.
She will be gone for a month and so tomorrow and already my heart is missing her.

Her and her young family shall be doing God’s work and may The Lord always be with her.

This one is of our times when we were babes.


I remember you.
A bundle of pink.
Always screaming.

I didn’t mind the times that you wanted to be with me.
Clenched fist and rosy cheeks.
Your bob nodding with you.
Eyes in defiance.

Remember you saved me.
Or at least you tried many times.
I wouldn’t. Couldn’t let go.
Not till I surrendered.
Only then could I be hold.

If I had cried in darkness.
You were at the other side looking in.
A prayer away.
A dawn away.

Waiting, waiting ever so.

Your fire,
Your passion.
Your love for lost souls.
I admire and feared.

You go in your obedience.
And in silence I know.
HE shall be with you.
As I in spirit and soul.

So when at some nights.
When uncertainty unfolds.
Remember our times as you sat beside me and remember you are never alone.

~It’s just a month and a half but already I’m missing you.

Ever yours ,
Jie. (Elder sister)




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