My shelter

My shelter

I come to you Lord.
I want to be near you.
In the cool of your shade may I flourish.
In you arms that tenderly hold me.

I long to draw near you Father.
For there’s great conflict within me.
The more I run
the more the voices call out to me.

Won’t you hide me under your wings of love?
Take flight with me Lord give me new sight.

For the sins I bear are too great for me to fight.
I want to surrender it all,
Surrender once more.

Won’t you remind me of your amazing grace?
And how you have died to redeem me?
That blood you shed, poured out for me.
Your eternal love that never fades.

For the sins I bear are too strong to resist,
they haunt me with their sad longing eyes.
Only your love can dismiss.
Only your light can disperse.

Nourish me with your ever quenching waters.
May I carve out your words in the palms of my hand.
Let them sink into my heart and live through my life.

Come be with me Lord.
Come sit with me Lord.
Banish my sins with your love.
Bury me in you.
Let me be free.


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