Sun and moon.

Sun and moon

Hair of golden hue
and eyes of amber red.
His arms they burn yet cooled with touch
and lips that taste like flames.
He smells like spring and the gentle breeze
and the love on a summer’s day.
He smiles.
He teases, ” off to the stream my love ..” without a wanton care.

Pale sliver hair
and lips so soft she looks into his eyes.
She twirls her dress of midnight blue that shimmers in twilight.
Her lustrous sliver curls that twinkle as she twirls
they reach out to gently embraced him.

Childlike love and sweet echoes
Their embrace filled the stream.

Though darkness follows, she runs into his arms.
Even if it was for a moment she wanted to embrace her sun.

” My love, for you I’ll always wait” her words unspoken yet true.
Her midnight chambers can’t keep her away.
And his love forever burns true.

They danced.
They loved, till they could not any longer.
“Till morrow, till night.” they promised.
Then parted with a lingering sigh.
Her to her shadow slumbers she glides.
He as he spreads his wings and take flight to his kingdom in the sky.



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