The pale of the light falls on the tip of her nose.
She sticks her tongue out to take a taste of it as it falls.
She had forgotten it’s sweetness, the magic of it before the darkness had called.
Yet now, it seems the skies have parted and she is on her way home.

The ground upon her feet feels icy yet warm.
A Dainty flower whispers and she bends to kiss it’s soul.
Delicate and sweet his aura elevates her
As the sun, upon her lit up her luminous skin.

She sings,
“A kiss upon a flower.
A love forever true.
A charm to make it last forever.
And love to see it through.

My heart belongs to my lover.
My hands upon his soul.
Ours lives to intertwine forever.
A memento . ”

“He is waiting.”
She thinks as she skips.
Warm kisses.
Warm love.
Her body 6 feet deep.



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