Alice series

I love Alice so much that I wrote her a series of poems.


The cat grin the grin.
Like a poison apple that gleams.
Take a bite Alice.Take a bite.
Come into the nite that lulls you.

Stepping back she rans forward
His arms warm and ready.

She held her breathe.
Here we go again.

Alice 1

Alice , Alice likes to go down to wonderland in her Sunday’s best.
She would like to have what she wants and get away with it.
But does she?
Just a bite of an apple can lead her to ecstasy.
But the damage will be irrefutable wont it Alice?

Would she?
Wouldn’t she.

Alice 2
Wouldn’t have fallen this Alice if she knew it would bruise her.
Bruised lips. Cut skin. Raven locks in a heap.
Turn your mind around Alice.
This is wonderland where you sleep.
Where the air is just pure lust.
And emotions are not deep.
You’ll sink deeper if you want to.
You hurt more than just scrape knees.
Alice take the pills and leave.
Before you sink too deep.



2 thoughts on “Alice series

  1. I chanced upon your website this evening. I happen to think you have a great eye and spirit. I particularly love Alice and what she represents as well – fantasy, freedom and another place to be. Keep doing what you’re doing and thanks for the company this evening 🙂

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